Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The end !

Yes, the couple has decided to move on.... They are not fighting to stay on the path where others tell them who they are....but rather, they are moving forward each day, to a new chapter, a new beginning every morning.

The new chapter of their thoughts are now available at http://patresa-street.blogspot.com/ ... =)

Stay tune, readers ........... =) ...This blog will always be a history, a lesson learned, and a full-of dramatic blogging experience to them. Let's wish the new chapter will be a good one! .....

-The End Of The Little Family Story-

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

over...moving on...=)

The couple is in dilemma if they should open up this blog again for the public to view and to set the comment moderation to avoid all the mess up in this blog.

Those mess lasted for a week, and finally yea.... it's over!*** hopefully ! .... The couple move on with their lives, living happily again in their little hut. Enjoying the time of two, and their hearts are always looking forward to see their son- lucas. =) ... Back to normal as how they were. Looking forward to the coming chinese new year and celebrate with joy and laughter together with their lovely son and family. Wishing for 2010, the year of tiger is a smooth sailing year...healthy and wealthy, of coz !

Badddddddddddd things goooooo far far far away from the little family !!! .... ***K OFF .... =))

stay tune, for their upcoming plans, decisions............. ciaoz.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

To Readers...

Dear Readers,
I apology for all the mess up comments in this blog. I was away for a day to have a time of my own.

Yes, comment moderation is set.=) ..... Will delete the comments posted soon. I hope "you" understand... This is my place for me to express my feelings. If there's any untrue story, I will welcome you to talk to me personally rather than being an anonymous. It does not do any good to you and me. I believe you have done enough to express your feelings here, else give me a call or meet me up, we can just talk about it. I also believe, all of us are adults, and we work as a professional, so, I hope, everyone is rational enough on what is the objectives / intentions before comment is written down.

Cheeway, Thank you for being so supportive. =) .... yea, let's arrange to meet up! ....

P/s: If I'm saying I'm OK, that gonna be a big joke ! .... All these, does hurt me and my husband. But, what important most, is still our relationship and our famlily.

stay tune !~

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Interesting Commenter

welcome back psychic for your continuous support by commenting on each entry. Both the couple do appreciate your work and your writing. They understand your loneliness, your fear and your emptiness in life, as well as your feelings deep inside your heart. They believe there's a lot of tricks floating in your mind. They are worry if you will become schizophrenia. If you do need help, don't hesitate to consult psychiatrist. They will definitely help you through. They don't mind if you would like to dirty up a little on this blog by expressing your feeling, if it does help you. Good sleep and rest well !!! .... May god bless you... =)

Monday, January 18, 2010

To Anonymous...

Firstly, she would love to thanks for visiting her page, and of course spending some time on her writing. Being a loyal reader probably? or being a stalker in her little family? since it's posted publicly in the internet world, so, they are not stalker ! ...... Thanks, Loyal Reader.

"i feel so embarrassed to even comment on your post... but thank god i can remain anonymous" ==> Don't do it when you don't feel too ..... remaining anonymous, because you are coward? or because you dare not to reveal your own personality? ....Anyway, thanks for reading yea!
to this anonymous, i would advise, observe less, care less, and most of all, you don't need to be too emotional if you ain't one of the mentioned character on the previous post....unless, you "tersingung" or "tertekan" .....and you feel something out of it....On how I treat my loved one, it's definitely none of your business at all !! .... The real friends of the husband will not only accept him but to also accept the wife as one... =) ... And definitely, you can't find another me in this world...Ain't everyone is unique even they are twin .... Thanks for the fact, and my readers know the fact well since they are little...
"Looks like you failed us" ... I don't need to please anyone besides my family ..... =) ...I am sorry and I apology for i failed you! .... Because I never mean to act anything to please you, afterall ...

"Should the little girl maintains the comments posted, BINGO!!! she FINALLY traps you to bitch about her" , To the well wisher, seems like you know me well ..... =) .... Someone just couldn't stand ppl of having a good life... =)

"As to The Well Wisher, shut your bloody mouth if you know NUTS about the real situation !!" ah ha..... Seems like someone pretending or act like, AS IF he/she knows her well ....Good one... but, don't scold my readers....mind your words ... everyone is thinking differently...

"PROBLEM WILL END ONLY IF WHAT YOU SAID WAS TRUE AND YOUR HUSBAND REALLY LOVE YOU! " .... hmmm, let's pray for the problem ending soon ...since ppl are starting revealing themselves..... and just a post, ppl start to defend themselves...

"a married WOMAN called herself a little girl?" ...hmmm, seems like you didn't read the profile till the end...read it once again!, i hope it's not too hard to understand....

"What do u mean "used and tear"[Torn]? Pat is a gentle lover."....yea, pat is....=)

All in all, Thanks for reading and commenting !~ ..... Stay tune =)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

BeTtEr BondInG ThrOuGh SoLviNg IssUes..

Since the starts of their relationship, people who surround them has been betting for how long the relationship will last...Especially those who are so-call "good friend" ... All sort of things done to them. Firstly by hurting the wife name through creating story after story. Then all these people found that their effort is just a waste, and the worst thing they did was approaching the in-law to not only hurting the wife by the wife family as well. She would says, she is very glad to have a wise parent in law who are not being much influence by all these cruel act. When they realize their effort are just effortless, here they come again to lecture the wife during her most unstable emotion. It wasn't easy for her to just keep it deep inside her heart, by not defending on every single thing that they did to her. But, when all these step over her limit, she burst out. She just feel as lucky when she confronted all her feeling to her husband, and her husband have the same thought toward all these people who tried hard to destroy them. He stands next to her, support her and believe in her.

Insulting surely hurts, whether that person is on purpose or just for jokes. No one realize how sad she was, besides her own husband. But, to avoid creating problem, they keep silent. However, the wife couldn't stand of having such insulting, as the more she thought of it, she felt, it's best to inform that person, those words hurt. This is to stop having another insult in the future. Slight arguement between the husband and wife. Eventually, the husband agreed. Those insulting words should stop from NOW and it's not a good choice to wait for the second time to happen....

All the things happened, bring them lot of sadness. They did argue over the issue, over the consequences of each acts, and what things best to maintain their relationship from being destroyed. Big argument, small arguement ..... which family doesn't have? But, the most of all this bring them to understand each other better....She did feel really glad of having all the things happened though it wasn't something pleasant .... Things happened for a reason, and she believes the reason being for all these are to teach them a lesson to be truthful to each other, to be more understanding, and to be a loving couple for the rest of their life.

2009 X'mas has over, & 2010 New year has past....The present...

Happy belated x'mas, new year & holiday seasons, to all the readers ~! .... She wishes everyone with smooth sailing year ahead, and happiness always be with each other.
A month has flies off since the last entry in this blog. To her, everything seem just as ordinary as usual. Not much of changes, and she is still focusing well. Staying with her husband & the prince in all festive season is the thing she wishes for in the coming years.

Her resolution?....... None for this year!..... Just do her best in all the role she is playing in the family, being a daughter, sister, wife, mother, daughter-in-law and of course as a sister-in-law as well.... not to forget...... being an employeeeeeee.... Yes, not trying to be a good friend this time round... for friendship, she would like to follow the flow... Whoever choose to be with her, will always be with her.... to accept her in every way she is ....

For the past one month, she was struggling with her emotions. For some unknown reason, she was feeling down, sad, and hopeless... Negative thinking, and thought, and behavior shown to her husband. With continuous support to each other, encouragement, they went through that "bad" moments together. Thanks god! ...

For once, she thought of changing the whole current environment. Leaving the place and moving to a brand new environment that would probably bring her to know her life better in term of family and career.

It's all Over, it has Past..... for NOW, she is learning to be more focus in her life, be more determine, and be more responsible. =) ....